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jb Capacitors manufactures and markets Ceramic Capacitors, Including X1 / CD Y1 400VAC and CE Y2 300AC Safety Standard Recognized Capacitors and 1KV, 2KV, 3KV,4KV, 5KV, 6KV, 8KV, 10KV, 15KV DC High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, Multilayer (mono) Axial & Radial Ceramic Capacitors. Please refer to below product list of Ceramic Capacitors. If you would like to check our full products list, please go to Products link.

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Class - X1 / Y capacitors are a special type of capacitors (they are safety-certified capacitors) generally designed and used in AC line filtering in many electronic device applications. These safety capacitors are also known by other names, including EMI/RFI suppression capacitors and AC line filter safety capacitors. (EMI stands for electromagnetic interference and RFI stands for radio-frequency interference; RFI is simply higher-frequency EMI.) Class - X1 / Y capacitors help to minimize the generation of EMI/RFI and the negative effects associated with received EMI/RFI.

There are 4 subclasses of X1 / Y capacitors, Y1, Y2, Y3, and Y4. The most common are X1 / Y1 and Y2.

High voltage ceramic capacitors are made of ceramic dielectric. The main features of high voltage ceramic capacitors is excellent withstand voltage. The characteristic of the high voltage ceramic capacitor with high voltage DC resistance, suitable for high pressure by-pass and coupling circuit, low loss high pressure wafer which has a low dielectric loss, especially suitable for use in a television receiver and scan circuit.

As long as the high voltage ceramic capacitor for high frequency, high voltage ceramic capacitor depends on the use of what the occasion, the typical role can eliminate high frequency interference. High voltage ceramic capacitors used in the field of high power and high voltage require the characteristics of small size, high voltage resistance and good frequency characteristics.