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JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors

jb Capacitors Company Limited designs and manufactures high quality Zinc Oxide Varistors JVA Series, A varistor is an electronic component with an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage. Following are JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors features, applications, specifications and dimensions.

JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors Features

  • Round Varistor element, leaded.
  • Low leakage current.
  • Excellent Voltage ratio, Wide Voltage & energy ratio.
  • High performance in clamping voltage characteristics.
  • Low standby power and no follow on current.

JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors Applications

• Varistors currently have widespread application in protecting power and signal level electrical circuits against dangerous voltage surges.
• Surget protection in communication, measuring and controller electronics.

JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors Parameters PDF

JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors Specifications

Varistor Voltage (Threshold Voltage)

18V ~ 1800V JVA-Zinc-Oxide-Varistors

Working Voltage
(Max. Allowable Voltage)

AC(rms) 11VAC ~ 1000VAC
DC 14VDC ~ 1465VDC

Peak Current for 8/20μS
Current Wave

General Type 100A ~ 6500A
Hi-energy Type 250A ~ 10 000A

Energy Range For 10/1000μS
Current Wave

General Type 0.4J ~ 625J
Hi-energy Type 0.6J ~ 990J
Operation Ambient Temperature Range
-40℃ ~ +85℃
Storage Temperature Range
-55℃ ~ +125℃
Insulation Resistance
>1000 MΩ
Hi-Pot (Leads to Coating)
2500 VDC for 1 min.
Typical Response Time
Maximum Voltage-Temperature Coefficient
<-0.05% / ℃

JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors Drawing


JVA - Zinc Oxide Varistors Introduction

Zinc oxide varistors are electronic ceramic materials whose electrical behavior is dominated by grain-boundary interface states. They exhibit a highly nonlinear current-voltage relation with a 5% change in voltage serving to increase the current flow an order of magnitude or more.