jb Capacitors Special Offer on October

To thank you our customers continous support to us, we jb capacitors company have special offer on October.

1. MOQ for JFG, JFS, JFX series

JFG series -- 1,000pcs
JFS series -- 300pcss
JFX series -- 100pcs

JFG--Metallized Polyester & Polypropyolene Film Capacitors, Axial Lead
JFS--Motor Start/ Run Film Capacitors
JFX--Premium Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors, Axial

2. Lead time : 1 week

JB P/N: JFV0A1104K150000B
JFV X2 series 0.1uF 275VAC +/-10% P:15mm 100K pcs with 1 week delivery
Datasheet: http://www.jbcapacitors.com/pdf/JFV-X2-Metallized-Polypropylene-Film-Capacitor.pdf