jb JFX premium met polypropylene film capacitors column

Welcome to check our JFX special colum :JFX-Premium Metallized polypropylene film capacitors, Axial audio capacitors

For many years our JFX series has established the fine public praise on audio industry, with the highest cost performance ratio on markets.

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Common Value Table and Datasheet PDF download
Features, Cross Guide, and Applications
Support you can get : Price, 100pcs MOQ, Free Samples, JFX Leaflet
Testimonials of JFX audio capacitors
Test report from an Audiophile in France (Mr. SAM BENELBAZ )
JFX Distributors List ( Just radio,Audiophonics, Jukebox,AudioCap Limited Audio Store,TME.EU)


Our other strong products: JFV X2 MKP Film Capacitors; JFB MKT film capacitors; JCS, JCK SMD Electrolytic capacitors.
company profile PDF download: http://www.filmcap.hk/upload/jb-Capacitors-Company-Presentation.pdf