jb Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

With the Chinese New Year coming, jb launched four new series of audio capacitors.
They are all good quality e-caps, can bring your audio system a great performance.
Now click below series name to check their PDF datasheets!
Hope you will bring us many of new orders in Dog of the year. Happy CNY.

Performance Characteristics
Operating Temperature Range
Load Life
1000 hours
Capacitance Tolerance
Leakage Current (μA)
MAX. 0.03CV + 3μA After 5 minutes application of rated working voltage
MAX Dissipation Factor
MAX 4% at 1KHz
MAX 5% at 1KHz
MAX 10% at 1KHz
MAX 4% at 120Hz
Specially produced for Cross-Over Networks with high fidelity audio system
High-quality crossover non-polar aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Audio Converters and Dividers (partials), Audio amp, Automotive Electronics Products, speaker