jb Capacitors Large Capacitance 100uF 250V JSX Superior Film Audio Capacitors

What is audio grade capacitor? These are capacitors specifically for high-end audio systems, and offer premium sound quality in audio circuits when compared to general purpose capacitors. These types of capacitors that are commonly used in audio circuits are aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors. JSX Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors (MKP/MPT) Audio Capacitors is able to provide up to 100uF high capacitance with a plastic case size in 45mm*60mm,jb also can make even larger capacitance on customer request.

These capacitors are suitable for a wide range of applications in audio amplifiers, circuits for audio speakers, speaker crossovers, audio systems for car, record players, CD players, and musical instruments such as bass guitars. Make the jb Capacitors audio line of metallized polypropylene film capacitors your standard choice for all of your loudspeaker projects! The same high quality as Mundorf or Mouser, but at a much lower price it is.