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JYA-Y1 and Y2 AC Safety Standard Recognized Capacitors

Operating Temperature -25°C~ +85°C
Capacitance Range 10pF TO 10000pF
Capacitance Tolerance ±10%, ±20%, +80-20%
Rated Voltage AC 125V, 250V, 300V, 400V
Temperature Cofficient 2B(Y5P)±10%、2E(Y5U)+22%~-56%、2F(Y5V)+22%~-82%
Dissipation Factor (tan δ) 2B: 2.5% max. at 25℃ and 1 KHz, 1±0.2 Vrms.
Insulation Resistance at 20℃ 2E/2F: 2.5% max. at 25℃ and 1 KHz, 1±0.2 Vrms.
Dielectric Strength 10000MΩat 500VDC for 1 minute.
1500V AC for 60 seconds. (250V AC)
4000V AC for 60 seconds. (400V AC)

JYC-1KV- 6KV DC High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

Operating Condition -25°C~ +85°C
Rated Working Voltage 1KV – 15KV DC
Capacitance Range 100pF – 10,000pF
Test Voltage UR≤500V, U=2.5UR;
UR>500V≤6KV, U=1.5UR+500V;
UR>6KV≤15KV, U=1.5UR
Insulation Resistance 10,000 MΩ or 200 MΩ whichever is the smaller