jb SMD Aluminum Capacitors Options are Available to You

One of jb most strongest series-SMD type Aluminum E-cap which has competitive price and support 1,000 pcs of each MOQ(Depends on series).

SMD type E-cap provide 85℃ and 105℃ two operating temperature, according to application, general series, Low ESR, Long life, a wide variety of SMD aluminum capacitors options are available to you.

Now, we support free sample for your testing, welcome to send your exact inquiry to know details.

Series Load Life Temperature Remark
JCS 2000H 85°C general
JCK 1000H to 2000H 105°C general
JCC 2000H 105°C low leakage
JCD  2000H 105°C low impedance
JCE 3000H 105°C long life assurance
JCL 5000H 105°C wide teperature
JCN 1000H 105°C bi-polarized
JCZ 3000H 105°C extra low impedance
JCV 3000H 105°C long life assurance
JCA 5000H 105°C long life assurance
JCW 10000H 105°C long life assurance
JCH 1000H to 2000H 125°C long life assurance
JCF  3000H to 5000H 105°C super low impedance
JCT 2000H to 3000H 105°C small size
JCX 2000H to 5000H 105°C small size
JCY 2000H 105°C small size