jb Capacitor SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Cross Reference

jb Capacitors company produce various of SMD E-cap type, they can be used in different applications. We support very good price and short delivery time.

Below is our most popular series cross reference for you. If you have needs, please contact us asap.

jb Capacitors Samwha Yageo Samxon Elna Nichicon NIPPON, CHEMI-CON Rubycon Panasonic Epcos
JCS series SC CA VSS RV2 UWX MVA SEV EEE-_ A/S B41112/B41115
JCK series RC CB VKS RVS, RVL UWT MVE SKV EEE-HA(B) B41121 /B41123 /
B41125 (2,000hours)
JCD series CK SQ VZS RVZ WF ,UCM MZA (2,000hrs)
MVY (1,000~2,000hrs)MZF
TZV EEE-FC B41141, B41145
JCE series JM   VRL   UA MVL (3,000hrs) SJV EEE-HC