jb Stock Offer for JFA Mylar Polyester Film Capacitors

jb now have below stock offer for JFA mylar polyester film capacitors, if you are interested in, pls. kindly send to us. We can offer very competitive prices and short delivery time at This special time.

Description Part# QTY
JFA- Mylar Polyester film capacitors
0.022uF 100V +/-10% P:5 Bulk JFA02A223J050000B 15,000
0.15uF 100V +/-10% P:7.5mm Bulk JFA02A154J075000B 1,000
0.047uF 100V +/-10% P:6mm Bulk JFA02A473J060000B 1,000
0.015uF 100V +/-10% P:4mm Bulk JFA02A153J040000B 1,000
2200pF 100V +/-10% P:3.5mm Bulk JFA02A222J035000B 2,000
0.1uF 100V +/-10% P:7.5mm Bulk JFA02A104J075000B 1,000
0.022uF 100V +/-10% P:5mm Bulk RoHS JFA02A223J050000B 20,000
1000pF 100V +/-5% P:5mm Ammo RoHS JFA02A102J050000A 20,000
5600pF 100V +/-5% P:4mm Ammo JFA02A562J040000B 60,000
4700pF 100V +/-5% P:5mm Ammo RoHS JFA02A472J050000A 18,000
0.068uF 400V +/-5% P:8mm Bulk RoHS JFA02G683J080000B 5,000