jb Supply More Various of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

jb capacitors company not only produce film capacitors, but also supply many kinds of electrolytic capacitors now.

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SMD Type Load life Temperature Remark
JCS 2000hours 85°C General
JCK 1000hours~2000hours 105°C General
JCC 2000hours 85°C Low Leakage
JCD 2000hours 105°C low Impedance
JCE 2000hours~3000hours 105°C Long Life Assurance
JCL 3000hours~5000hours 105°C Long Life Assurance
JCN 1000hours 85°C Bi-polar
JCZ 3000hours 105°C Extra Lower Impedance

THT Radial Type Load life Temperature Remark
JRA 2000hours 85°C General
JRB 2000hours 105°C General
JRC 2000hours 105°C Low Impedance
JRD 3000hours~5000hours 105°C Extra Low Impedance
JRG 4000hours~10000hours 105°C Long Life and Low Impedance

Snap-in Type Load life Temperature Remark
JNC 2000~3000hours 85°C Speaker Network
JNE 2000hours 105°C Miniaturized
JNJ 3000hours 105°C High Ripple Current and Long Life
JNG 5000hours 85°C High Ripple Current and Long Life
JNK 5000hours 105°C Extended Lifetime and High ripple current