jb Tell You the Main Methods of Testing E-Caps Lifetime

Today we introduce the Main Methods of Testing E-cap Lifetime.

Usually we have two methods for testing lifetime, please find more detail information as below:

1. Normal testing: (Periodic sampling is conducted every four months)
The environment temperature test: 20℃~25℃
Relative humidity: 45%-75%
Relative air pressure: 86kpa-106 kpa
Inspection items: High temperature 105 ℃ storage 3000 Hours
High temperature life test the durability: 3000 Hours

For above test, we have exact equipment for testing, after testing, the real test data can prove the product of real lifetime.

2. Destructive testing: (do the regular sampling inspection every 2 months)
Put the capacitors in the oven, the temperature raise 10 degrees (for example: if the capacitors' oringinal temperature is 105℃, it needs rise to 115℃).
let current go through (should be the capacitor's current), then the capacitors' lifetime will decay half. (it means, 3000 Hours becomes 1500 hours), after testing 63 days, will take out capacitors and see if it can still work or not.

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