jb high quality Motor Starting Capacitor--JSW

jb Capacitors Company manufactures Motor Starting Capacitors. These capacitors are commonly used in the compressor starter of refrigerator, air-conditioner and water pumps etc.

Its features are small volume, large capacitance, low spoilage, and stable capability.

For specific capacitors with high electrical characteristics, they are widely used in single phase AC motors, with rated voltage:110V-330V and frequency:50Hz-60Hz, to get high rotary torque at low starting current.

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Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40°C~+65°C
Rated Voltage 110~330V,AC
Capacitance Tolerance -10%~+20%
Capacitance 50-1500μF
Loss Tangent 0~+20%
Withstand Voltage Between Terminals 1.2 times working voltage, no break down within 2s
Withstand Voltage Between Terminal And Case 2000VAC, no break down with 60s