jb Capacitors Offer Super Capacitors For Wide Choice

Are you using Super Capacitors? We, jb, in order to meet the customers demand then we expand our production line.
We have Radial, Snap-in, Screw Type Super Capacitors and Coin Type Super Capacitors.

A Super Capacitors is also known as ultra-capacitor or double-layer electrolytic capacitor.
They are most effective to bridge power gaps lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes and can be recharged quickly.

Super capacitors are ideal when a quick charge is needed to fill a short-term power need.
They can be used in solar power applications, battery back-up applications, battery applications, flash-light applications, etc.

Super capacitors have also made critical inroads into electric powertrains.
The virtue of ultra-rapid charging during regenerative braking and delivery of high current on acceleration makes the super capacitor ideal as a peak-load enhancer for hybrid vehicles as well as for fuel cell applications.

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