jb Chip type Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors-3mm

jb Capacitor Company is expanding product line as many as possible, we currently have wide range including plastic film capacitors, Radial, SMD, Snap-in, Screw, Lug terminals Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, and Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Capacitors. Recently, we launched new series of JKA. It is SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 3mm with Square shaped. The application of JKA is Portable radio, Portable cassette tape player, crystal filters, hand radio and so on.
It becomes the strong series of jb, with fast lead time, competitive price and proper outer package to prevent from logistic damage.

The features are on the below:
 Small size with external dimensions of 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.5(T)mm
 Color coded case permits easy identification
 Good Q and high resonant frequency
 Designed for reflow soldering
 Lowest capacitance drift
 Sealed construction prevents the penetration of Flux and Dust